What your 2015 Chevrolet Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover.

If you are looking to buy a 2015 Chevy vehicle, you already know that they have a great manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the things that will be covered are:

  • 3 years or 36K miles bumper to bumper.
  • 5 years or 100k miles on the Powertrain
  • 5 years or 100k miles of Roadside Assistance
  • 2 years or 24K miles of Scheduled Maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation.

However, there are things that come up that you may not realize are not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. While tires are covered by the warranty if they are defective, they are not covered if they are simply worn out. If this occurs, it is the owner’s responsibility to replace the tires.

A big area of responsibility for the owner are maintenance issues.Things like serpentine belt replacements or air filter changes are the not covered in a manufacturer’s warranty. There is sometimes confusion on when an oil change or tire rotation is covered. A customer may think they have two years of oil changes but if they have gone past 24,000 miles in their vehicle this item is no longer covered. It is important for the customer to understand with a warranty that has a “number of years” or “mileage” cap, that if either one of these items occurs then the vehicle moves out of warranty for that particular item.

Dee Christy, Service Advisor with Ghent Chevrolet, also brings up a situation where outside influences to damage are not covered by the Chevrolet warranty. An example would be if a rock gets into your compressor and damages it, then this would not be covered by warranty because the GM part was not defective.

There are many things that will be covered on your 2015 Chevrolet with the original warranty, but it is always good to understand what items may not be covered. Also remember, warranties vary, so read them carefully. Many buyers also opt to seek extended coverage which is available through your sales team at the dealership.