The Hot New Face of the Chevy Silverado

The word that Chevy is using is “Strong”. Manny Canedo, a sales consultant at Ghent Chevrolet in Greeley Colorado, agrees. “The new face on the 2016 Silverado looks very strong and aggressive, but it still has the dependability that you expect from this truck.” Many on the sales team expect this vehicle to be in very high demand.

It has always been one of the top sellers for the dealership. With this newest version, Chevy has maintained it’s edge. They are even offering up an 8 speed transmission to the 5.3L V8. Manny points out that one of the face changes is ” all of the LED lights that adorn the front”. Indeed, Chevy has made the headlights smaller but with many LED lights across the front, much like the new Camaro.  The availability of the monochromatic look, across the grill also gives the customer options to have their truck looks unique. For those who prefer the old style of more chrome, the option of getting that face is still available.

Manny led me to a 2016 Silverado that just came on the lot. A beautiful slate gray with loads of features. It is easy to see why the Silverado is the hot, new face of 2016. Please feel free to contact Manny or any of the other sales reps at the dealership with any questions you might have about the 2016 Silverado.

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