Chevrolet Trucks: Choosing Between 2WD and 4WD

You are finally ready buy the Chevrolet pickup truck that you have always wanted. Now you only have to decide if it will be a 2-wheel drive (2WD) or a 4-wheel drive (4WD). What will be the primary use of the vehicle? The answer to that question will help you determine if your purchase should be a 2WD or 4WD.

Primary Use Of The Vehicle
According to Ghent Motors, if your truck will be a family vehicle and used for vacations, shuttling kids to appointments and school events, carting garden supplies from the nursery, and hauling hardware supplies, a 2WD truck will probably be perfect.

If you live in the northern third of the country and experience a lot of winter snowstorms, a 4WD truck is what you want even if it is just a family vehicle. If you love mud and plan to participate off-road activities, you will definitely want a truck with four-wheel drive. According to the Kelley Blue Book, there are some different 4WD options you will want to consider.

4WD Facts
Part-Time 4WD – The part-time system routes equal power to the front and rear differentials. When the 4WD is engaged, both front and rear wheels spin at the same rate. Part-time is used only for off-road activities because wheels must be able to rotate at different speeds when turning corners on dry pavement.

On-Demand 4WD – The on-demand system operates in 2WD mode unless wheel slippage occurs, and then 4WD power is diverted to those wheels. The 4WD only remains engaged until traction is regained. On-demand mode can remain turned on in all driving conditions.

Full-Time 4WD – The full-time system uses front, rear, and center differentials, which allows individual wheel speeds to vary. When engaged, full-time 4WD can operate on any surface condition. When disengaged, the system operates as regular 2WD. Full-time 4WD is preferred for those who only need 4WD occasionally for severe winter snow conditions.

2WD Facts
If you purchase a 2WD truck, ask if it has the option of a limited slip rear differential. It’s necessary in order to allow power to be transferred to either rear wheel and will allow the vehicle to handle dirt roads, gullies, and washouts with confidence. Some 2WD trucks have power delivered through the front wheels and provide good traction in rain and snow. The lighter weight of the 2WD is rewarded with a better EPA fuel mileage rating than the heavier 4WD.

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