Take Care of Your New Vehicle with These Tips

If you’re like most people, you love the small and feel of a new car. Everything from the luxurious upholstery, carpeting, and the exterior finish must be maintained to keep your car’s new appearance both inside and out. When most people spend $30,000 or more on a new car, they plan to keep it in good shape and on the road for as long as possible. The following suggestions will help you keep your new car in like-new condition and looking great.

Basic Maintenance
According to Ghent Motors in Greeley CO, your car is an important investment. For most people a new car is the second largest financial commitment they ever make after a house. Like a house, a car requires regular maintenance. Don’t fall behind on regular services indicated in your owner’s manual. Committing to regular oil changes, lubrication, tire checks, wheel balancing, filter changes, and other maintenance will help prevent serious repairs that occur when car care is neglected. Replace windshield wipers anytime they start to wear to prevent scratches. Protecting your investment will allow you to drive your car for years after the loan is paid off. Remember, there is always expert car repair near in Greeley CO.

Protect the Exterior
You can keep the exterior of your car looking beautiful and protect it from rust with the professional application of a paint sealant. Wash the car regularly, and during the winter months be sure the underside is cleaned of road salts that cause rust and other damage. Have your vehicle detailed inside and out twice a year to be sure all the places you can’t reach are clean.

Protect the Interior
The interior of your car deserves extra care. Avoid eating in your car to keep your upholstery and carpeting free from stains. Let family and friends know that fast food stops are only to pick up food to eat at home and not in your car. Use cleaners and polishes made specifically for car interiors and upholstery. Use mats to protect carpeting and clean them regularly.

Pay Attention to Your Senses
According to Kelley Blue Book, noises and smells can be warning signs that something is not right. If your car emits squeals, hisses, thumps, or other noises, have it checked right away. If you smell burned rubber, hot oil, or a sweet smell, it can mean your car is experiencing a serious problem. Take is to the dealer immediately. Hesitation can cost you a great deal of money.

Taking good care of your car today, guarantees you many tomorrows of enjoyable driving.